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Competency 9.2: Integrate various course concepts through creation of a graphical representation (concept map) of the relationships between prominent course topics.

We’ve had a fruitful time learning about different topics in Learning Analytics. The next task in hand was to create a concept map by finding connections among them. With an assurance from the instructors that there is no right or wrong concept map, I started constructing it using the tool available from

If you are going to do it for the first time just like me, I would recommend you to read about concept maps from few articles (The links given in the course were useful). 

Since the concept maps follow hierarchy, I started from “Learning”, since the impact on learning is what all methods look for, though the steps differ. I noticed that text mining and prediction modeling were connected very well. All these methods were also following the same learning analytics cycle. Our course structure reminds me of an opportunity where all these methods can be implemented to get a bigger picture of our learning using analysis of social media, logs, chats, discussion forums etc. Anyways, here it goes, my concept map integrating the different course concepts. (I know it’s a bit cluttered, but bear with me, coz I’m so much in a getting-ready-for-holiday mood and didn’t feel like cleaning up more!)

One thought on “Concept Map”

  1. I liked these propositions:
    [Text Mining] uses [Machine Learning]
    [Prediction Modeling] enables [Machine Learning]

    I would hazard a guess we can say ML has high betweenness centrality! ehehe

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