Competency 2.3

Competency 2.3: Evaluate the impact of policy and strategic planning on systems-level deployment of learning analytics.

#Assignment 68

Learning analytics could create a bigger impact on learning if implemented top-down than bottom up due to the availability of big data.However, the deployment of learning analytics faces many challenges at the institutional level:

1. Acceptance:
To work big on big data, big support is needed from the top management. The top management should foresee the future and possibilities of learning analytics as to what it can achieve. Only with promised outcomes, they can be expected to support it at a big level. It is not a small change to bring about in a day.

2. Management:
A new department may be needed to manage what should be done in learning analytics. This will require funding, responsible experts, manpower and technical training. Do the institutions have what it takes to commit to this new venture?

3. Ethics:
Personal Data Protection is a growing concern these days. When data is analyzed, it has to pass through humans and systems. How safe can our data be? Could there be a possible breach in security and what could be its implication?

When we have answers for all these questions, we could probably move forward to the next era of data analytics!

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