Tamil Co-Writer: Inclusive AI for writing support

Next week, I’m presenting my work in the First workshop on
Generative AI for Learning Analytics (GenAI-LA) at the 14th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge LAK 2024:

Antonette Shibani, Faerie Mattins, Srivarshan Selvaraj, Ratnavel Rajalakshmi & Gnana Bharathy (2024) Tamil Co-Writer: Towards inclusive use of generative AI for writing support. In Joint Proceedings of LAK 2024 Workshops, co-located with 14th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK 2024), Kyoto, Japan, March 18-22, 2024.

With colleagues in India, we developed Tamil Co-Writer, a GenAI-supported writing tool that offers AI suggestions for writing in the regional Indian language Tamil (which is my first language). The majority of AI-based writing assistants are created for English language users and do not address the needs of linguistically diverse groups of learners. Catering to languages typically under-represented in NLP is important in the generative AI era for the inclusive use of AI for learner support. Combined with analytics on AI usage, the tool can offer writers improved productivity and a chance to reflect on their optimal/sub-optimal collaborations with AI.

The tool combined the following elements:

  1. An interactive AI writing environment that offers several input modes to write in Tamil
  2. Analytics of writer’s AI interaction in the session for reflection (See post on CoAuthorViz for details, and related paper here)

A short video summarising the key insights from the paper is below: