Research publications and reports


Talks, Workshops and other presentations

  • Antonette Shibani and Sophie Abel (2018, August). Automated feedback and Writing Analytics: Can it help student writing? – Invited talk at the University of New South Wales LA-EDS Research group.
  • Sophie Abel and Antonette Shibani (2018, July). Using AcaWriter to help develop student writing. Presentation at the UTS Learning Futures Lab.
  • Antonette Shibani, Sophie Abel, Andrew Gibson and Simon Knight (2018, March). Turning the TAP on Writing Analytics. Workshop chaired in the Eighth International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge, Sydney.
  • Antonette Shibani, Simon Knight and Philippa Ryan (2017, November). Intervention design for undergraduate law students to learn rhetorical writing using learning analytics. Presentation at the UTS Teaching and Learning Forum 2017.
  • Andrew Gibson, Antonette Shibani and Sophie Abel (2017, November). An Introduction to Text Analysis for Learning Analytics. Workshop chaired in the Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute ALASI, Brisbane.
  • Antonette Shibani (2017, July) Supporting research writing with the Academic Writing Analytics (AWA) tool. Lightning talk at the Research Bazaar, UTS
  • Antonette Shibani (2017, June) Automated Feedback on Students’ Academic Writing. Presentation at the Learning Analytics Unconference at the Connected Intelligence Centre, UTS
  • Elizabeth Koh, Helen Hong, and Antonette Shibani (2015, June). A multi-method formative assessment for teamwork competency. Paper presented at the symposium titled “Making 21CC visible: Contemporary approaches to assessing and fostering collective creativity, teamwork and social learning capital” in Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2015, Singapore.
  • Elizabeth Koh, Helen Hong, and Antonette Shibani (2015, June). Teamwork matters! A teamwork competency awareness workshop in the Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2015, Singapore