shibaniHello! I’m Shibani, a PhD student in Learning Analytics at the Connected Intelligence Centre, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. I have a background in Computer Science and I’m interested in developing learning technologies that can impact education. My research interests include Learning Analytics, particularly Text and Writing Analytics, and Machine Learning. I was previously working as a Research Associate at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

My current research is on ‘Writing Analytics’ which makes use of analytics techniques to improve student writing. An application is to provide automated feedback on students’ writing at scale using text analysis and visualization techniques for helping them revise their drafts in early stages. I’m particularly interested in finding effective forms of such formative feedback on students’ writing to support self-regulated learning. I aim to integrate peer feedback and automated feedback to augment human intelligence with machine intelligence and vice versa. This bridges the human context gap in automated feedback and enables peer learning where students simultaneously learn and contribute to other students’ learning with the help of automated tools. My PhD supervisors are Simon Buckinghum Shum and Simon Knight.